NBA Daily Show: Apr. 2 – The Starters

NBA Daily Show: Apr. 2 – The Starters

On Tuesday’s episode of the show, the guys make some seedings predictions: Which team will win top spot in the West: Golden State or Denver? And which team will have homecourt: Boston or Indiana? They also discuss if Brooklyn is the more appealing New York team, whether firing Ernie Grunfeld is the right move for Washington, if Zion Williamson should join Team USA this summer, and they count down the Top 5 Foreign-Born, Foreign-Grown Players to Not Win Rookie of the Year. Watch The Starters daily at 6:00ET throughout the season or get more of them on their website:


  1. People who are saying that "Luka shoudnt get ROTY cause he played againts professionals" THATS WHAT WE BEEN SAYING SINCE DAY 1!, but dude still went Pick Third.. Dude should get Roty cause he plays better thats it.

  2. why is that still a question on which ny team is more appealing ny is a mess a literal mess from the front office to their youth nets are just a well rounded team

  3. OF COURSE LeWHINE would do something that MJ did… What a PATHETIC "star"… Wearing 23, POWDER TOSS, calling himself GOAT… What an OVERHYPED, DELUSIONAL, POOR MAN'S Westbrook piece of GARBAGE… I'll be GLAD when he FINALLY retires

  4. I'm a Hawks fan but i'm not gonna lie Luka deserves ROY. He was consistent the entire season and Trae had some moments where his game wasn't at its best. Similar to Ben Simmons last year, he almost averaged a triple double in his first season! You have to be consistent to pull off something like that.

  5. Love the starters, they should get a vote. If someone xenophobic kind of racist like Marc Spears had a vote then the starters who’s always unbiased should definitely have a vote. Thank you for your guys’ take on ROY

  6. I don't know how this ROY award is a debate. Trae's been balling out this past month, but anyone who thinks that's better than Luka's historic season is nuts. Lardy Luka ROY 100%

  7. For everyone wondering how Zion will do at the NBA level, see: Rodney Rogers

    Rodney had similar size to Zion and could jump out of the gym. Was a beast in college and had a nice, lengthy nba career but never was a superstar.

  8. It's funny how ppl switch around their arguments however it fits their point best.
    Ppl before Doncic: "Its sick that college players aren't getting paid. They play professional basketball against Teams that are better than Euroleague teams"
    After Doncic: "Ok so he'll get ROY cause he's been playing professional while the other rookies just know college ball"

  9. Leigh you are the best mate! It feels like I'm chilling with my friends at home talking about basketball when I'm watching this show… sad as it may sound 😀

  10. It's so disheartening to see how xenophobic are those people (who have votes for the ROTY award), there are only 5 non-american winner in the entire history of the award (Pau Gasol, Kyrie, Ben Simmons, Andrew Wiggins and Patrick Ewing). What do they have against non americans?


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