NBA Playoffs Preview – The Starties

NBA Playoffs Preview – The Starties

On Friday’s Playoffs Preview show, the guys break down and predict all eight first-round series – some big questions leading in are: Is Utah equipped for a rematch with Houston? Will Portland suffer another quick exit? Is Denver ripe for an upset at the hands of San Antonio? What is the status of Joel Embiid for the Sixers against Brooklyn? Similarly, how is Blake Griffin feeling leading up to Game 1 vs Milwaukee? Watch The Starters daily throughout the playoffs or get more of them on their website:


  1. A Raptors team that's driven to take it to a higher level is scary. Keep in mind that Kawhi only played 60 games due to load management. Combine that with injuries, 22 different starting line-ups, etc, the Raptors were really never totally in sync—until now.

  2. THIS is why Harden is CERTAINLY your MVP… He's in a conference with GOLDEN STATE, OKC, Utah, Denver, etc. Giannis is in a conference with ORLANDO, BROOKLYN, and DETROIT in the PLAYOFFS… AVERAGE ASS teams

  3. "We're all taking the Jazz" in the OKC vs Blazers matchup XD

    Here's my bracket prediction:

    Warriors in 4
    Rockets in 6 – season split 2-2 with 2 blowouts, but Rockets been a lot better in the second half of the season
    Blazers in 7 – swept but all the games were close; Blazers are 6-2 with Kanter starting, OKC too dependant on PG13
    Nuggets in 7 – season series split 2-2, both teams winning home games. SAS has more playoff experience, but DeMar is a notorious choker and winning in Denver is notoriously hard

    Warriors in 6 – Warriors can lock Harden down and have way more offensive weapons at their disposal
    Nuggets in 5 – Nuggets lost 1 game during regular season basically because they wanted to, and sat Jokic, to keep the Rockets in #4

    Warriors in 6 – I see the Nuggets winning games 3 and 4, but game 6 at home they will be broken down due to inexperience

    Bucks in 4
    Celtics in 5 – giving the Pacers game 3, but the Celtics will steal game 4 and wrap it up at home
    Sixers in 4 – Nets won 2 games in regular season, but before the Sixers acquired Harris and Butler
    Raptors in 4

    Bucks in 6 – hardest one to predict, but Giannis unguardable and the Bucks have the best record in the league
    Sixers in 6 – not a popular opinion but Butler can deal with Kawhi, and the Sixers have the best starting 5 in the league

    Sixers in 7 – Budenholzer has had the best record before (with the Hawks in 15) and got swept. Embiid can slow Giannis down, and on the Sixers virtually every player can create with the same efficiency.

    Warriors in 5 – Sixers will be banged up, having gone through the hardest road to the top. The Warriors have the better 5 when fully healthy and no one is suspended, but key to their victory will be the fact that they have a deeper bench with key players such as Iguodala, Livingston, Bogut – all of them part of their first championship run. And while I think the Sixers have a better frontcourt, Ben Simmons won't be a problem because the paint will be clogged (can't bully your way through Green and Boogie). The Warriors will be lucky because they have the advantage in this specific matchup, would probably be trounced by the Bucks.

  4. For the most part, I feel the same. I was flip flopping with the Nuggets and Spurs, but I went with Spurs solely on experience. I feel like the 76ers and Nets could go the distance as well. But they are the Nets, so that's probably a disappointment waiting to happen.

  5. Yo Staters: You said a couple of weeks ago, after Nurkic's injury, that the Blazers are going to lose home court advantage and slip in the standings. They kept home court and went up in the standings. Prepare to be wrong again as the Blazers are going to win the series.

  6. 1)WARRIORS vs. 8)Clippers = Sweep

    2)NUGGETS vs. 7)Sperms = 7
    Experience is truly on San Antonio's side but, Denver needs this.more. If Denver doesn't win, well, hands down, pop Will go in my g.o.a.t talks in coaches.

    3)Blazers vs. 6)THUNDER = 6
    Honestly, westbrooks attitude will determine the out come. P.g. will be himself.

    4)Rockets vs. 5)JAZZ = 7
    Im saying jazz cause refs will want rockets vs. WARRIORS round 2 match up. Ratings of course. But, obviously could be the best match up in the west…🦇

  7. 1)BUCKS vs. 8) Pistons = Sweep

    2)RAPTORS vs. 7)Magic = Sweep

    3)76ERS vs. 6) Nets = 5

    4)CELTICS vs. 5)Pacers = 7
    I dont like this roller coaster celtic that should have eneded one in the east. I wanna root for Indiana but, Irving will determine the series 🦇

  8. Jazz vs. Rockets won't end the same as last year, Trevor Ariza gave the Rockets some much needed defense, I agree that it is going to be a deep series, but I think the outcome will be different.

  9. These "analysts" basically just picked the higher seeds. With the exception of portland-OKC series. 27 out of their 28 picks went to the higher seed. The portland-okc series was understandable given the blazers lost Nurkic who was having his best season. But apart from that, jeez no one of these 4 wanted to pick an upset, it's laughable. Look at the first 4 games now, 3 are upsets.


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