New Details Revealed in Stanford Sexual Assault Case

New Details Revealed in Stanford Sexual Assault Case

ABC News obtained documents, photos that paint a different portrait of Brock Turner than what his defense team presented in court and a key witness shares his story.


  1. Even if they only gave him a 6 month sentence, his life is over. I doubt any sports team would actually recruit him and anyone would hire him at a McDonald's

  2. A rich kid driving drunk killed a bunch of people with no regret whatsoever and his attorney called it affluenza. I think he got away with it. At least this guy has to register as a sex offender. Still……

  3. Reminds me of the affluenza teen, Ethan Couch. He killed 4 people while driving drunk (he was also speeding and driving with a restricted license). His sentence? 10 years probation! Then he goes on the run, gets caught and is sentenced to…2 years in prison. We really need to apply the law in way that s fair and stop giving rich white kids a pass.

  4. Fuck that little lying rapist and fuck Judge Persky!! Give him at least 6 months and him at least 6 years. They can be in a cell together and maybe the rapist will give the judge what he deserves, everything that girl got.

  5. Thank God for those 2 young men intervening and doing the right thing in a case where 2 other men (the judge and rapist) couldn’t have acted more wrongly. It brought to mind a very similar rape that happened in my hometown and it sickens me whenever I think about it. My city is a college town with a lot of partying downtown. A young woman was being raped in an alleyway when a by-passer came across her being assaulted. This by-passer joined in and raped this young woman along with the other rapist, who was a stranger to the victim and the other rapist. I was relatively young at the time and don’t remember the aftermath but perhaps as a rape victim myself who was rescued by a friend who was unaware her presence stopped the rapist, this atrocity haunts me. Can you imagine this woman seeing the second man and being relieved someone was coming to her aid only realize this guy was also a monster? Just disgusting. The only way that could be worse is if this asshole judge presided over the case and let these “men” off with a slap on the wrist like Judge Persky.

  6. This has become a money making victim zoo. Do they actually have evidence? Women put themselves in these situations. They hate good men and they hang out with dickheads and they wonder why they get raped. Play with fire and get burned

  7. Watch 5 months from when I make this post they will find out the guy didn’t do anything wrong and this woman made a false rape allegation just like the many other women who don’t want to face the reality that just because they regret sleeping with another guy doesn’t make it equivalent of rape… this woman already made a book to profit off her story why does that sound fishy to me since most rape victims don’t want to glorify their own rape but yet this woman uses it to promote her book speaking about how she refuses to allow his raping of her effect her but yet she is the one benefiting from it? It seems kinda fishy to me…
    reality is that women make more false sexual assault accusations every year since 2010… the fact this woman actually is using her rape as a machine to profit off of because the person she accused acclaimed to sleep with her at a frat party… why was she even at a frat party by the way most frat parties are parties meant for mostly men women that go their are often looking for either alcohol drugs partying or sex… the fact this woman was there sets alarm and the fact she was claimed to be drinking proves even further proof she had ill intentions from the beginning and she had intentions of many things… the fact the court case was rolled over till a pro feminist judge was behind the gavel proves even further notion!

  8. Mr. Carl Fredrick Art and Mr. Peter Johnson are truly unsung heroes in this revolting atrocity. Unlike the diabolical characteristics of Brock Turner, his own father, and judge Persky, both Peter and Art exude absolute benevolence and moral bravery.
    Hundreds of thousands of people accross the world are incredibly grateful for their tremendous decency.

  9. This animal is a rapist! 6months is sick. The get out in three months! They stated he live a good life. If he was so good he wouldn’t of rape the 22 years old woman. This judge let go a rapist to rape again. No collage campus should aloud him in their school. Nor play any sport due to his action of greed and hurtful action of other people .He is a rapist



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