NFL unaware of Antonio Brown sexual assault accusation until Tuesday – Adam Schefter | SportsCenter

NFL unaware of Antonio Brown sexual assault accusation until Tuesday – Adam Schefter | SportsCenter

Adam Schefter says the NFL is in the process of gathering information about Antonio Brown being accused of sexual assault by his former trainer. Legal analyst Ryan Smith breaks down the process for a case like the civil lawsuit that has been filed against Brown.

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  1. The fact that this isn't a criminal investigation, and just a civil law suit speaks volumes of my suspicion. For a Criminal Investigation you need hard evidence to charge and incrminate the accused. But for a Civil Law suit all you need is the court of Public opinion to sway your way, and with all the controversy surrounding Brown over the weekend this is an opportune time for her legal team to strike.

  2. This is serious,but still sound like a fix to me,leave a black man let him survive,haters are always gonna be haters,leave the guy alone,no disrespect to the victim,but there’s no space for lies right now,

  3. I call BULLSHIT❗️❗️these allegations happened over 3 years Back & your JUST NOW Saying Something❗️🤔then you say it happened Not once but 3 TIMES❗️But yet you went back In his presence all 3 Times Even in the beginning when you CLAIM he bust a nut around; You😂😂😂 then you say the third time he forcefully raped You🤔 now your tryna add sympathy in your story by Bringing other rape victims into it claiming that’s where you get your courage to speak up from; the league will be a utter JOKE!! if they fall for this.

  4. Antonio Brown has been a major D-bag, disrespectful, and selfish but this seems too convenient to come out while his reputation is in the dirt. If you read some of the alleged report, things just dont add up at all.

  5. Tom Brady: Hey Josh!
    Josh Allen: Yeah Tom?
    Brady: We have a receiver who I think now would really help you out and has changed his mind about not wanting to play in Buffalo.
    Allen: No thanks. I like having a receiver named Brown who I can pass deep to rather than having a receiver named Brown who makes unwanted passes to other people.

  6. I honestly think that they are just trying to take power away from AB now , I mean I’m not the biggest AB fan but come on ! I think this has every little thing to do with the Steelers/ Raiders situation if you ask me 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Antonio Brown ‘rape’ accusation is a civil lawsuit She didn’t have any real evidence to criminal court. She only wants money. It’s a women he’s known for years! It’s not a stranger.

    Its a very dangerous society when a women can just verbally say ‘a man sexually assaulted me’ and automatically gets charged.

    We don’t have to like Antonio Brown, but falsely accusing him of rape and him going to prison for years is unethical.

  8. DO NOT BELIEVE WOMEN. that's what the last few years have taught me. he rejects investing in her business. signs a huge contract. she's cries assault. typical. if she's really a victim, i feel for her, but too many other women have ruined any credibility any woman gets without HARD EVIDENCE. SHOW US THE EVIDENCE.

  9. Bullshit…
    ab BASICALLY got the owners shaking in their boots because he pulled a NBA move to get outta contract into a new one with a new team. And the last thing They want is this to become a trend

  10. Such bs geez let the man play until you find the evidence. If guilty take away his stats and accomplishments if not guilty no harm no foul. Let em Win. Haters always wanna throw shade at Pats

  11. I love that people are surprised by these allegations, and forgetting about this crazy rollercoaster that is Antonio Brown. Dude just tried to hit his GM, and called him a cracker. Yeah, this guy is an innocent Angel. Did any of you read his messages he sent to her? (If you can actually understand what he wrote without going cross-eyed). Stand up guy.

  12. Funny how an article came out showing that Brown knew she was trying to extort him for money on the 7th, yet now the media covers it but none of them speak about how AB knew about it and was claiming it was all for money via personal messages. Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔


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