Our Premier League 2019/20 Predictions For This Season Are… | #SundayVibes

Our Premier League 2019/20 Predictions For This Season Are… | #SundayVibes

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  1. What are you talking about we weren't linked to other CB pato? Issa diop, Koulibaly, Ruben Dias, we were linked to plenty. Maguire was always first choice and they knew Leicester would be willing to do business they were just trying to squeeze everything out of us, but we had other options.

  2. I really don't understand all this spurs hype and them for sure securing a 3rd and closing the gap with liverpool, last year they had periods where they were horrendous and finished 4th only 1 point above arsenal and it's not like they signed top class players(don't get me wrong they are good but not elite). IMO they will fight for the top 4 spot with arsenal,chelsea, and united.

  3. I've calculated the ages of Manchester United's possible eleven against Chelsea and the average age is 23.5… Awsome!
    (My 11 is: DeGea, Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, Lindelöf, Shaw, McTominay, Fred, Pogba, Greenwood, Rashford, Martial

  4. 1. Man City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Spurs
    4. Arsenal
    5. Man U
    6. Everton
    7. Chelsea
    8. Wolves
    9. West Ham
    10. Leicester
    11. Watford
    12. Bournemouth
    13. Crystal Palace
    14. Southampton
    15. Newcastle
    16. Aston Villa
    17. Brighton
    18. Burnley
    19. Norwich
    20. Sheffield

  5. Norwich will for sure stay up, their level of play is a touch above their relegation counterparts, if they can expose Liverpool, they can exploit the likes of Sheff United, Burnley, Crystal Palace, etc.

  6. Liverpool win the league only because Pep said he is focusing more on winning the Champions League therefore towards the end of the season last 10 games Liverpool take the edge

  7. Fd only relay on numbers this is the premier league its full of suprises. Plus buying from the prem is better then buying outside look at liverpools best players vvd salah mane henderson wijnaldum milner all from the prem so citys transfer arent gonna be good

  8. It’s almost like Joe doesn’t have a clue about football, already his predictions are turning to shit, Pukki and Sharpe both score, Sheff United grab a point in opening game.

  9. As much as I like them joe was seriously whingeing this video in regards to lukaku the Chelsea game clearly demonstrated how he would not have worked in ole system and so 75m is a great price seeing as he would have rotted on the bench which we can reinvest in the next window (or just some dividends for the glazers)

  10. Great show! My top 6 predictions are 1 City, 2 Tottenham, 3 Liverpool, 4 arsenal, 5 Chelsea, 6 utd. I agree with you guys one of those last 3 has a real chance of seriously collapsing this year

  11. EVERTION HAD A GREAT WINDOW… Richarlison is not a STRIKER!! Kean is a striker, Gbamin is worse than Gueye but is a different player. Would've liked a CB… we'll play Pickford-Digne-Keane-Mina-Sidibe-Gbamin-Gomes-Sigurdsson-Richarlison-Iwobi-Kean

  12. I know it's a risk and he's an (relatively) unknown quantity, but Football Daily always seems to forget Andreas Pereira exists. I believe Ole is putting his faith in him this season, and that's why they didn't prioritize a central-mid. It wasn't that long ago he was looked at as one of the brightest midfield prospects. Of course I would've loved a signing like Tielemens or Ndidi, but I don't think the Man U midfield situation is as bleak as they make it seem.


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