Planes land in landmark Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap

Planes land in landmark Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap

Planes carrying Russians and Ukrainians freed in a prisoner exchange have arrived in Moscow and Kiev, according to several sources.
The planes, each reportedly carrying 35 prisoners, landed at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport and Kiev’s Boryspil airports on Saturday, according to the Associated Press news agency.
After lengthy negotiations, expectations have been running high for the prisoner swap, which was described as imminent by the leaders of both countries in recent days.
The swap follows years of conflict involving Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine and new efforts to revive stalled peace talks.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports.

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  1. Russia is so pathetic. Can't even defeat the Ukraine. In the days of the Soviet Union, Soviets would have crushed the Ukraine and killed or starved millions if it meant empowering, enriching or protecting the Union.

  2. Some facts for Qatar's propoganda jihadi TV network. The Russian Federation did have the right under treaty with Ukraine for extra troop deployments to Crimea, including during the maiden fascist/Atlanticists coup, on top of the permanent numbers they already had at the Black Sea fleet HQ base at Simferopol. The Russian Federation stuck to the number limits for deploying extra troops to Crimea. Understand the reality of truth when I state that the people of Crimea and of the East Ukraine Donbass wanted Russia's help. They got it and will keep getting it. You didn't report the fact that the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to leave the fascist Ukrainian nation state and to join Russia in a legally held referendum according to the international standards of democratic processes to hold such a vote. Next, your Qatar media mouthpiece for takfiri terrorists and extremists ideology of the death cult of Wahabbhism, Aljazerra did not have your reporter state the fact in this piece that there are over 300K+ Ukranian refugees that fled to Russia after the maiden fascist coup and those paramilitary Azov battalion terrorists that rampaged the east to kill Russian speakerd. You know that the Russian Federation pledged to help them to stave off the jackals of fascist Ukraine that are the hired cannon fodder of America and the EU. Russia will keep her promise to the people of the Donbass. The FSB, the SVR , the Russia defense ministry and Russian Armed Forces will help the autonomous regional militaries of the Donbass to break the will of Ukraine's fascist terrorists and the warlords that lead the unprofessional Ukranian military units reaping havoc on the peoples of eastern Ukraine. The Ukranian state is carrying out their fascist strategies of ethnic cleansing and extermination of the Russian speakers and all those Ukrainians peoples who practice and pledhe allegiance to the authority of the Russian Orthodox Christianity in that region. Ukraine will pay the price of their diabolical plans. Aljazerra knows that much! If the Ukrainian government and their puppet masters in Washington, Brussels, London and Berlin don't abonded their facist scorched earth strategy against east Ukraine then Russia and the administrations of the DPRD and LPR will break the murderous Ukraine militarily and their facist battalions of terrorist mercenarie through military, economic, territorial and political measures. That's a gurantee.


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