REVEALED: Real Madrid Superstar Plans To QUIT Football?! ! | #VFN

REVEALED: Real Madrid Superstar Plans To QUIT Football?! ! | #VFN


Real Madrid star quits?! Seagulls?! Ashley Cole?! MORE Seagulls, this can only mean one thing. #VFN

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  1. It's so hard to believe this small team – whose stadium I lived near to for 3 years – has got its name across all languages, stadiums and famous players around the globe. That's something I could not expect and it still seems too surreal. The reason for it to happen though, is so utterly unlikely and disturbing.. Seeing their coach on live TV less than 30 hours prior to the accident.. Reminiscing of Danilo's save that qualified Chape to the final.. Coming to realize a player who was there on loan from my team (Sao Paulo) had also passed away.. It's just the most unfathomable collection of events I could ever try to realise. Chape has got all the popularity no fan has ever dreamed of…. but for the worst, saddest and most unwanted of reasons. How it all suddenly happened is just so absolutely shocking that the fact I see Chapecoense being talked about everywhere is, in and of itself, what's actually making it sink in little by little..

  2. You guys are a total disgrace! After saying all that crap about seagulls, Ashley Cole, and everything else that makes a normal football fan get sick to his stomach, you're showing that tings about Chapecoense?
    You definitely make me sick to my stomach


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