Should Romelu Lukaku Be BANNED For At Least 3 Games?! | W&L

Should Romelu Lukaku Be BANNED For At Least 3 Games?! |  W&L


Romelu Lukaku caused controversy at the weekend when he allegedly kicked out twice at Brighton’s Gaetan Bong… but should he receive a retrospective ban?

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  1. #FA = #FraudAssholes ?
    Brazenly and Desperately trying to help Manchester United by not Banning Lukaku whose appalling conduct is evidently punishable.Exposes the seemingly mafia run syndicate the Premiere League is with its Money first and Sport secondary prioritizing and operating in complete shadows of its top brass.

  2. God damn City are beasts. Many people thautgh Pep is a flop , but well he is killing it at the EPL. Great side to watch playing amazing football. I'm a Liverpool fan and I'm jealous. I wish we could play like against arsenal every week . Good luck City

  3. Hello guys i just start a football channel you can check it if you want you may like it, i start with tactical analysis and daily football news, more of the same content is comeing. Come and visit the channel. Have a nice day

  4. Honestly, CR7 was banned for 5 GAMES for lightly pushing a referee. Lukaku kicked someone intentionally in the balls, one of them could be permanently damaging and one of them you might not even notice if no one told u…

  5. News flash for the ginger southern united fan ….. Unsowrth wasnt in charge from the start of the season …we shipped 3 to spurs, 4 to united and 5 to Arsenal under Koeman , so get your facts straight before laying into the guy trying to work with the mess that fraud left behind

  6. you two have to be the most arrogant personalities Ive ever seen especially that obese one. yours have zero idea what yours are talking about on the everton situation. just reading stats, laughable.

  7. People who are slagging lukaku off you need to stop watching MOTD and going with the crowd. I'll agree yes his form as a goal scorer has been poor but most of our goals still come from his pace or his crosses or something he does as a whole I'm happy with him. The opinions in here are retarded as hell for example Mortata is better hmm lol
    LFC fans tbh your clubs old news your talking as if use are a big club just go back to looking at your wall a smile at your past achievements because your not winning anything for a while yet. People really need to be realistic and stop been jealous

  8. Arsenal fans keep saying Lukaku is shit. And now that he is not banned they are all over the comments section saying he should be banned.I mean come on…even if Lukaku will not be playing we will defeat you easily.Aresnal is just so full of shit.

  9. The losers for this week should have been the La liga referee team. They blew half time whistle just after malaga took a free-kick to the Real Madrid box and as it happened, malaga scored from that but was disallowed due to halftime whistle.
    Second was the disallowed goal from a Messi shot against Valencia.
    What a Disgrace.

  10. lets take a minute to laugh at all the idiots in the comments.
    amitabh bachchan
    harry huddison
    karam alkhateeb
    i'll start

  11. It is better to burn lukaku than wasting goals in old traford or even sell him up and buy a striker how can at list du some thing in oldtraford wi need goals. Not westage of goal plz wi need good striker like weyne rooney u can miss goals but not the way lukaku miss goal


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