Stephen A. Smith reacts to the ‘Rich Paul Rule’ being modified by NCAA | ESPN Voices

Stephen A. Smith reacts to the ‘Rich Paul Rule’ being modified by NCAA | ESPN Voices

Stephen A. Smith reacts to the NCAA modifying the “Rich Paul Rule,” which would have banned agents without bachelor’s degrees from representing players testing the NBA draft waters. Then (2:06) Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption offer their opinions.

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  1. Now yall with them college degrees Stephen A and the rest of yall ncaa didn't change a dam thing just add the and and or wake the hell up folks its still the same rule dam and these fools make millions of dollars took a navy veteran to point this bullshit out read the dam rule again white man pull another switch and bait on yall dam yall sleep with ur eyes wide open and most of yall fell for this ncaa bullshit wording dan?

  2. They was looking out for their best interests why u worried about my employment after i leave what about those contracts they give out to companies where folks dont have degrees better go fired them oh what about groundskeeper and worker that on ncaa payroll without a college degree better go get someone with degree to clean ur bathroom ur office better let security and police officers go rich folka always wanted to get rid of poor people but want to be pampered by poor people dam

  3. LEBRON AND RICH PAUL SHOULD BUILD A NEW LEAGUE. No college classes or degrees required. Heck highschool diploma dont matter. As long as youre gifted Bball player you are hired. Ex convicts, performance enhancements users welcome. Smoking pot in the locker rooms legal. That’d be a great league

  4. NCAA been making billions off those players but since Rich Paul came in the game as the super agent them white folks doesn't like that just keep doing your thing klutch Sports

  5. My only issue is too keep Agents out of college being school should be the main focus for players…If you don't ….you may as well let Rich Paul and others talk to High School players which is just dumb…Anyone can play Ball..but only a few of each 1000 will ever have a career.. Don't interfere with school potential unless a Player decides to leave school FIRST, which then whatever happens HAPPENS…but we all know AGENTS…so either way… Good Luck!

  6. Condoleezza Rice and David Robinson are Uncle Tom's !!! It's bad enough when the white man keeps the black man down ! But now the black woman and the black man keep the black man down !

    The Masters at the NCAA big house got them stepping and fetching !

  7. Foh.. grant hill mother and father both with degrees were his agent.. condoleeza rice worked for Bush so fk her.. they knew what they was trying to do and they would of lost SO many players who would of said fk playing 1 yr in the NCAA

  8. On Paul's level, he is dealing with massive contract negotiations. It's not surgery, but 100's of millions are a big deal. However he has proven that the job is one that doesn't Always require degrees of college education.

    I approve of the redaction

  9. I believe kids are coming from rich backgrounds now than opposed to back then…… plus you need a bachelors in most jobs to make over let alone 70k a year

  10. Vote for Andrew Yang. One of his policies is to pay the ncaa athletes. It's a shame that the coaches gets paid millions while the student athletes can't get paid for their likeness. Schools benefit as well.

  11. This goes to show how petty the NCAA is. Has been and will always be hella scandalous. Young Men from all over the world carrying this entire league and then get in trouble when they get the chance to make money off of their successfullness. Then again Rich Paul is always making behind closed doors/tampering ass deals when it comes to NBA Players. 🤔😳

  12. Why the hell was he 70/30? It baffles me that it’s black people that will have doubt about a blatant oppression while his white colleague sees it as what it is.

  13. Steven a still on his coo coo coo cooooooon shit. The pro athletes hav alreaxy spoken on how corrupt the ncaa r and have been. The ncaa has never had the student athletes best financial interest in mind and suddenly they did this in the best interest of the student athletes. Kick rocks Steven a

  14. Ncaa is ran by the good ole boy network. Ncaa football & basketball have age & draft requirements. Those are predominantly black dominated sports. Baseball & hockey. Which are white dominated sports. Do not. It's too obvious.

  15. Condoleeza Rice is cut from the same cloth as Stephen A Smith, you. I truly dont see a difference in Jason Whitlock, Stephen A., Sage Steele, or Condoleezza.

  16. I agree the degree was too much because it removes flexibility from the players but the rest I agree with. Far too many guys have been ripped off by nobody hangers on. Being represented by an experienced professional with a good reputation is the first step to not becomming the next Adrian Peterson or Warren Sapp. Most of the time the LeBron Rich Paul scenario ends in disaster. Remove the two names. Player A at 17 18 is being represented by a guy he just met who is a few years older than he is and has zero experience in the field. LeBron lucked out most of the time you end up with that guy who Robbed Lonzo for 1.5 million.

  17. It had nothing to do with being racist. I can believe that they were just being fuckwits. But I'm so fucking sick of anything anyone in the media disagrees with is racist.

    And I thought ESPN got off the SJW bandwagon talking points and had learnt their lesson the first time.

  18. I haven't always been a Lebrone fan but I'm proud of what he's doing with his success to represent for the disenfranchised. He's a legend for more than basketball at this point…..He and Rich stood up against the system that has and will continue to exploit the working class people…..It ain't even about race as the media outlets keep eluding too……It's a win for any ambitious being who doesn't see college as the only vehicle to success!!!!

  19. Who else was surprised asf that Wilbon didn't go hard at the NCAA last week. He seemed to be playing both sides, kinda coming of as coonish. Glad he came to his senses


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