Stuck between India and Pakistan, Kashmiris worry about crossfire

Stuck between India and Pakistan, Kashmiris worry about crossfire

As tensions escalate in Indian-administered Kashmir, locals near the Line of Control (LoC) are worried about the potentials crossfire between India and Pakistan.
Civilians in the area have been shot, evacuated and returned, and many say that they cannot leave despite the danger.
Livelihoods and relatives bind them to the land and they have said they will stay despite the risks.
Al Jazeera’s Faiz Jamil has more from the area.

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  1. Atleast they have a life in India where they can educate their kids and have no limits on much how further in life they go.. Scientists, Economist anything Unlike Pakistan where Chinese are taking over where soon everyone will be doing what Chinese want them to.. They do not have a choice then. They are not free anymore to decide about their lives.. And who doesn't know about Uyghurs' crackdown where its officially a crime to be a Muslim.

  2. Porkistan started wahabi islam in kashmir since 1990s …before that Kashmir was sufi islamic state where mislims also used to help hindus in temple prayers ..but now they are attacking pilgrims and having enormous hate against hindu but still 70 percent of kashmiris are with india its just srinar vallery area where this unrest happens

  3. Hindus who were the original inhabitants of Kashmir were killed raped in a genocide in 1989-90 by Islamists of Kashmir supported by Pakistan. Kashmir is Kashir named after Hindu sage Kashyap who lived here 5000 yrs ago

  4. Shame on rest of the world. Pakistan is the only nation to stand for the rights of kashmiris. Shame on UN, the western world and middle east for their over attrocities and massacre of kashmiris by India and it's army.

  5. The atrocities and bias of Qatar dictatorship and dictatorship led channel(Al Jazeera) with the help of oil money is mind-blowing….Not to forgot the Qatar sponsored terrorist outfits like Hamas…Shame on you Qatar!

  6. India have found solution! Needn't to worry al Jazeera! & We have started to work on it! Soon every person in pok & Kashmir will live a prosperous & happy life! And their living conditions will be better than rest of pakistan

  7. Hindutva Nazis believe they can win hearts of Kashmiri people through amending constitution. Hindustan should know this nobody reads constitution before protesting. It is the mind and heart that resists, Kashmiri struggle higher and stronger than mountains.

  8. The Israeli army opened fire on Palestinians in Eid prayers and on the other hand passed the Eid funeral prayers in Kashmir … a tyranny after which the joy of this Eid turned into sorrow …

    Remember that all those who are silent will come in the hold of Allah
    India isreal is terorist country ..


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