Taylor Swift Responds to the ‘Drunk Taylor’ Memes – Papermag

Taylor Swift Responds to the ‘Drunk Taylor’ Memes – Papermag

Taylor Swift sure knows how to throw a party. Over the weekend, the star set off a new meme craze amongst fans via the hashtag #DrunkTaylor and, turns out, Swift herself isveryinto the trend.

But what really sent the internet spiraling were a few photos and videos of Swift dancing, head-banging, and lip-syncing to “You Need to Calm Down.” And though we can’t confirm whether or not she was actually tipsy at the event, Swifties were quick to rally on Twitter.

From swirl effect edits to White Claw references, the #DrunkTaylor tag is a verifiable treasure trove of meme-age. And even Swift herself is a fan — if her Instagram acknowledgment is any indication.

“Threw a party to celebrate with the people who made the ME! & YNTCD videos with me- and we had so much fun that ‘Drunk Taylor’ is trending on Twitter,” Swift wrote beside the post, before signing off with a peppy, “CHEERS.”

Aw, talk about cute. Check out a few of our favorite #DrunkTaylor memes, below.

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