The Backstreet Diaries: One man’s saga of the postponed Backstreet Boys concert at Hersheypark – PennLive

The Backstreet Diaries: One man’s saga of the postponed Backstreet Boys concert at Hersheypark – PennLive

There’s a bar in Hummelstown that has some of the best wings in the area: The Boro. They won the PennLive reader poll for the best wings. And whenever I have a weird assignment in the area – maybe Channing Tatum is releasing a line of his own vodka, or Hersheypark is welcoming a new baby seal – I try to stop there to pick up some wings. “What’s going on in Hershey today?” the one bartender usually asks. She knows me now, and knows I’ve probably just done something weird if I’m stopping in after a shift at work. I don’t often get recognized by readers, but it’s particularly nice when it’s someone who works at one of my favorite bars. Does this make me A Regular?But I drove past The Boro on my way to the Backstreet Boys concert in Hershey with resignation. No wing for me tonight, I thought ruefully. By the time the concert lets out, their kitchen will be closed.I’d just been at the Hersheypark Stadium for the Florida Georgia Line concert the night before – a record-setting attendance, the country stars had said during their show, with at least 30,000 people in attendance. So I was prepared for the crowds, the lines, the waiting. I was no longer some sweet summer child; this was the summer of concert coverage. Carrie Underwood, Breaking Benjamin. Soon, KISS and Jonas Brothers and a number of other shows. I was a Concert Reporter. I knew the drill. Pride comes before the fall, they say.My sister had told me a few days before that she and our cousin would be at the Backstreet Boys concert as well. Why not join them? I thought. Concerts are a social event, after all, best enjoyed with friends.I had a bit of a walk from the Hersheypark Stadium to where they were parked, outside of the main entrance of the Giant Center. A mile, maybe? Two thirds of a mile? I’m not great at estimating distance. But it was pleasant. I even saw a rainbow as I traversed the Hersheypark lot. A good omen, I thought.Aren’t rainbows caused by light hitting water in the air?When I was arrived at my cousin’s parking spot, I was greeted with family and chips and drinks and photos – the concert was serving as my cousin’s birthday party. Seeing the Backstreet Boys. A lovely way to spend the day. Let’s take another selfie, make sure you get those dark clouds in this one.Did they know the opening act? I asked.“Isn’t it Brian Lettrell’s son?” they said. Baylee Lettrell, a lad of about 16 years of age, opening for his father’s boy-but-now-certainly-man band. The circle of pop music life.The dark clouds came closer. Lightning was on the horizon. It was about an hour until the concert began. Maybe we should, uh, get in the car for a minute.Gathering up the cups and chairs, we made a dash for the SUV as the first salvo of pelting rain began.I
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