The Cafe – Mexico: Failed state or economic giant?

The Cafe – Mexico: Failed state or economic giant?

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It is a tale of two countries. One has assassinations, mass murders and grisly beheadings. The other Mexico has a rich cultural heritage, a booming economy that threatens to overtake Brazil, and is home to the world’s richest man. As a new Mexican president gets ready to take office, which version of this country will prevail? Is Mexico winning or losing the war on drugs? Can Mexico become a political and economic superpower?

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  1. To put things into perspective, in the period when 60,000 Mexicans killed each other in drug gang disputes, 100,000 Americans killed each other for various reasons. Again, just to put things into perspective.

  2. Mexico is far from being in danger of being a failed state.

    50% of the population lives below the poverty line the WORLD over. It´s the world average, so Mexico´s situation is not remarkable.

    The only reason the cartels became dangerous is because the government decided to attack them head on. The reason why cartels do NOT cause problems in the US and Europe, is because those governments allow them to go about their business unopposed. You decide which option is more corrupt.

  3. none of them really gave an idea to beat the narcos
    luis de la calle, a mexican economist one time said
    i know about few things and about security i know nothing lol
    but I would tell you how in the eyes of a economist, I would attack this problem

    Open up the border, right now the traffic is concentrated in 6 border points, thats why 1 kilo of cocaine in Mexico is 600% cheaper than 1 kilo in USA'S SIDE.

    if we open up lets say 20 or 30 border points, we will decrease that "rent" and it will probably be lets say not 600% as its now, but 100%
    and that will not be a good business anymore, because in order to pass 1 single kilo of cocaine into USA, its a whole tail of connections and favors, in the mexican side as in the american side.

    so the narco business will not pay well anymore and people wouldnt wanna get into that no more

    plus we could import and export more products into the USA

    when he said that thesis, I was so impressed how economists are futurists and see things more clear

  4. answer is very simple, mexicans having a "formal" job make 60 dollars a week, unless you are a politician or a member of the teacher's union; on the other hand, mexicans joining drug cartels make 400 dollars a week, just do the math.

  5. Funny…. look at all the different accents of English in Mexico., this is one of the reasons customer service outsourcing companies are moving to Mexico; understandable english and cheap labor, unlike other countries like India or China

  6. Just words words words and no actions to address anything
    Here's an idea DOUBLE TRIPLE the police salary and give them Real guns (RUSSIAN GUNS)

  7. The social order in Mexico, the same in the United States, Canada, their institutions have become institutions to themselves. They exist for themselves inside a civil society composed of a rich and robust urban and rural working class. They usurp the
    labor of this population of its own social output (wealth) rather than investing back into those communities for development. They take more than they put back in. Selling guns for drugs. Guns and drugs find their destination in the destruction of a human being and money in circulation generates profits. Money which would otherwise be in the hands of civil society if not for usurpers taking it by means of guns and drug sales. Cartels, agri-business corporations, arms manufacturers get larger more powerful and influence government. Julian Leberon is correct, a 100% correct.

  8. That's all bullshit, Escobar was the biggest, and had an army fully trained , but when they decided to finish him off, they did it, why don't they do the same thing in Mexico, against the Cartels ?? Because the Cartels control the economy in Mexico, and there a lot of Important people profiting from it.

  9. Hopefully we Mexicans get morally stronger to not let PRI,PAN,PRD etc. deceive us in elections campaigns. Ojala q los mexicanos seamos moralmente mas fuertes para no dejar que nos engañen el PRI,PAN,PRD etc. en las elecciones. En vez de promesas huecas mejor que digan que van a vender de nuestro país o que planta petrolera le van a regalar a sus hijos. O q crímenes van a perdonar como calderon a su hrmna dueña d la guardería abc q se quemo.

  10. Hollywood classics, the best written usa pop/rock songs etc has all been produced with the aid of cocaine binge highs by americans. Without the drugs from mexico where would usa be!
    Supply & demand

  11. The rise of powerful criminal organizations in Mexico is attributed to the week and careless institutions that choose not to do anything to prevent their rise. Strong legal, political and social institutions are corrupt and influence peddlers that to make anyone stronger will be the demised of the other weak one's. Is a vicious cycle that will make Mexico a fail state in the near future.

  12. El problema de México y los mexicanos es de echarles la culpa a otros por la falta de responsabilidad y voluntad propia de los mexicanos. Des de la conquista y a hasta ahora siempre estamos buscando chivo escapero. Malos presidentes, malas pólizas de gobierno, vendidos y corrupción en todos niveles de gobierno y sociedad, La psicología Mexicana es de chingar a otros primero antes de ser víctima del más astuto.

  13. What Lebaron said is exactly what the problem of Mexico is. Mexico is society that suffer and total lack of empathy. People do not care about what is happening in Mexico and thus the government feel that they have not obligation of responding to the problem. I have talked to Mexical co-worker here in the USA and according to them there is not problem in Mexico but it is a invention of the USA. Same answer time after time; I am like, what is wrong with you people?!?!? There is a serious war going on in Mexico that sooner of later is going to touch personally. You have to respond before is too late. Stop being lazy and stop watching the telenovelas and put your feet on the floor. Mexico is a great nation do not let fall. An opinion from a non-Mexican.

  14. Those politicians should be shot or heads cut off. Just like all the people killed during their involvement taking money from cartels to turn their heads on organized crime groups


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