This is Taliban Country – REWIND

This is Taliban Country – REWIND

Ten years ago, in November 2006, Al Jazeera English was launched. To mark that anniversary, we’ve created REWIND, which updates some of the channel’s most memorable and award-winning documentaries of the past decade. We find out what happened to some of the characters in those films and ask how the stories have developed in the years since our cameras left.

In 2014 Fault Lines reported from the Taliban stronghold of Charkh District just an hour outside Kabul. Charkh had become a microcosm of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Though only an hour from Kabul, armed Taliban were openly patrolling the streets and had built a parallel administration in Charkh, including Sharia courts and special girls’ schools.

Filmmaker Nagieb Khaja took us to a Taliban controlled town for a rare glimpse of life under Taliban rule amidst a civil war.

REWIND spoke to Nagieb about what, if anything, has changed in the past three years since the planned US drawdown has been scrapped, further deteriorating the security situation in Afghanistan.

“The situation in Afghanistan has gotten worse, the Afghan security forces are bleeding. They lose a lot of people, and it is really difficult for the Afghan National Army at the moment,” Nagieb told REWIND.

“The US actually just decided that they would send 600 troops to Helmand again, and this is after they said that the war was over,” he added.
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  1. And in other countries : Nothing more than a propaganda video showing fake side of Americans. (BBC,CNN….) has been sympathizing with Terrorists(FBI, NSA etc..) all the times. But what The media is doing that it is trying to change the image of all the savage terrorist(Western organisations) like ISIS(Jews ,Americans) That is wrong.
    Muslims have never been Terrorists , in The previous WW's and after, why there was no ISIS and Taliban and all that bollox?
    Islam is a religion of peace.

  2. This is core Islam. The world must be debating, what is Sharia and whether ISLAM is cruel or not. The Taliban are real mu slims, they are following everything written in their book.

  3. طالبان شما هم مثلی مجاحیدین خودفروخته استند. ویران کنید و بکوشید بخاکر که باداران پاکسیتانی و ایرانی شما ما راه خریده. هتمن زنان شما را هم خریده.

  4. Who are they to judge? They came, they ravaged their homeland and killed many innocence lives and they are gone now… yet they still want to have the last say? Shame, shame, shame on them all..

  5. Worst reporting everything fabricated… Al jazeera wants Taliban back. so that their news could increase traffic. Pathetic.. Law & Order must be managed by well educated people not by the terrorist loose cannons like taliban..

  6. Qatar was the first country to recognize Taliban, till recently they had embassy and their spokesperson in Qatar.
    ANA kills Taliban, Taliban kills ANA. Not good for Afghanistan.

  7. before i thought that only pashtoon people are taking a part in taliban melitants but i now sea uzbeks are also excisting there it looks there will be no hope for bright afghanistan in the future

  8. Killing in the names of your god is wrong. Fight man to man don't bring allah to every war only to lose. Religion should be personal private and even precious to the believer. Shouting gods name killing yourself and others including innocent children and thinking you will go to a better place and get everything is the biggest lie ever sold. The poor are being used as bombs.

  9. Allahamduliliha students are studying chemistry
    With islamic studies
    May Allah SWT bless these children guide them protect them and reward them with succcses in this life and in akhira Ameen

  10. America put them to this condition… This is what happens when you deal innocents and terrorist in same way…
    My heart cracks after watching so much pain in their life…
    Believe me they are more dignified then Americans…

  11. @7:50 "Do not worship except Allah ; and to parents do good and to relatives, orphans, and the needy. And speak to people good [words] and establish prayer and give zakah." 2:83
    For men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, be it little or much – an obligatory share. And when [other] relatives and orphans and the needy are present at the [time of] division, then provide for them [something] out of the estate and speak to them words of appropriate kindness.4:7-8
    And if a man or woman leaves neither ascendants nor descendants but has a brother or a sister, then for each one of them is a sixth. But if they are more than two, they share a third, after any bequest which was made or debt, as long as there is no detriment [caused]. [This is] an ordinance from Allah , and Allah is Knowing and Forbearing.4:12
    These men who said those cruel words to her should be brought to the courts and judged after the Sunnah of Allah and his Messenger SAWS.

  12. The Taliban who are trying to create a religious state have done nothing to rebuild the economy in ruins, there are practically no destructive infrastructures in the country. The Taliban are not economic geniuses
    Taliban focusing on the construction of the Islamic state do not care about the economy and have left people with their economic problems. "The Taliban government is not interested in economic governance.

  13. These morrons wont confirm what the national army commits any crimes but dare to callange the Taliban system. The Taliban rule was way better then the Current. Just as it was in Irak under Saddam ask any Iraki if he preferred the life under Saddam or Current government.

  14. Honestly Pakistan was telling the whole world that there is only a political solution to Afghanistan problem but the whole world was denying this solution and now look they all are talking about the political solution
    If they accept this fact at first then in all these years no one would suffer the way people are suffering now. Instead of benefiting few they should think about actual solution at first but no US had to benefit few big fishes in there country so they continue this war at all cost

  15. This foolish guy thinks we don't value Education. The first command to Prophet SAW was to read. We were the earliest in issues of education. USA will soon be buried. Everything has its time.


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