WHERE ARE THEY NOW XI? 2010 Golden Boy Nominees

WHERE ARE THEY NOW XI? 2010 Golden Boy Nominees

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Whatever happened to the 2010 Golden Boy nominees? Well, wonder no more!


  1. De gea hasn’t been the best last season and probably won’t be as good as before but dude has had one of the best goalkeeping performance by a keeper between 2014/15 and 2017/18 and him featuring in world xl only once between that time in my eyes is pretty poor by fifa but who hell takes them serious anyways.

  2. Comparing stats between kroos iniesta and xavi doesn't prove who is more productive. Iniesta and xavi are probably the two best players at getting the ball anywhere on the field and linking the play up without losing possession. They may not end each season with a ton of goals and assists but they are instrumental in every goal that happens

  3. idk why people say that this channel copies HITC when this channel did this type of content way before HITC….. just cuz HITC blew now everyone has to say that other channels copy them…

  4. it feels so good when kroos gets some attention because he is criminally underrated. people often hype about iniesta, xavi, kaka and lampard when in reality kroos is ahead of them. the guy is a machine. he literally won almost every major tournament he played excluding copa del rey. won the ucl with two different clubs. he won bundesliga, dfb pokal, ucl, la liga and the world cup. while cristiano is the face of real madrid's success in the past few years, toni is the dark knight of real madrid's success lately. he is the best at no.1 position with most successful passes to the final third last season even though real madrid had a nightmare of a season. he is clearly one of the greatest midfielders of all time. the way he passes the ball and controls the game is mental. he is a pefection machine.


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