WORST Title Winners XI!

WORST Title Winners XI!

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Being in the right place at the right time never looked so good for these players.

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  1. Where did you make up the fact about St Mirren Beating Celtic for the first time ever? Thats just a barefaced lie and not exactly hard to get wrong given how easy it is to check these things. So why don't you fact check or are you in the business of just telling lies if it sounds better?

  2. Braafheid is no doubt the worst player I’ve seen play for Celtic. Absolutely terrible no idea how he was at Bayern and then how he made it to a World Cup final. I would close the curtains if he was playing in my garden

  3. u guys don't watch football..just a fanboys of some players like messi or ronaldo.
    Caceres,raul meireles was good player.
    meireles was very good for livpool and at chelsea he didn't bad either.

  4. Zeljko is a slavic name, probably with croatian ancestry, as many aussies do, its pronounced Zhe-lyko. In croatian we have a consonant for that sound, Z with a tiny v on top of it. Also LJ is another consonant that has its own unique sound. I can see how its a hard one for english speakers.

  5. Lucas Vazquez? Are you mad?! He is the most capped player under Zidane. He played more games (100, as of yesterday) than Kroos (99) and Ronaldo (98), much fewer minutes, but more games. I consider him to be one of the most important players in Real Madrid, and Zizou clearly agrees.

  6. What are you on about? Raul Mirales was proper both at Liverpool and Chelsea. He was also outstanding for Portugal, which is what allowed him to nmove to to the EPL to begin with. Anderson was a quality player before injuries. Lucas Vasquez puts in shift and was there for Real when Bale was having recurring injury problems. If you don't have enough players to fill you 11 please don't do so at the expense of capable players

  7. uruguay finished 3rd in 2010? first ever loss to the paisley side? what? how a channel such as yours is so popular when you are making such absurd, easily checked mistakes is beyond me

  8. You guys are straight wrong about Vazquez. He may be a late bloomer but he’s a great player. Isn’t very flashy but he puts in 100% effort every game and he has so many aspects to his game that make him super useful to Madrid. Just watch the second leg of the PSG game he was outstanding

  9. Caceres is far from the worst title winning centre-back, if not for his being injury prone he would have had a much better time at Juve and he's done very well this season in Serie A. For terrible centre-backs look at a Legrottaglie or some of the other dodgy centre-backs Milan have had.

  10. Had to give this one a thumbs down. Most of the list was allright, but including Meireles & Vazquez on this list! Meireles was world class & extremely undervalued, while Vazquez this season has been picked ahead of Benzema & Bale for most (if not all) of the Champions League games this spring. No bad player ever wins the title in one of the big leagues, because if they werent talented, they wouldn´t have been signed in the first place. If you really want to do proper a list like this, you should look to the smallest leagues like Luxemburg or Andorra, where you get to play if can you bring your own boots & shinguard.

  11. Zeljko wasn’t that bad of a keeper, just every time he was put on he was rusty as cause it was the back of times he hadn’t played much, when he had regular football at Perugia he was a solid keeper.


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