Yemeni official: UAE won in Aden, Saudi silent over ‘slaughter’

Yemeni official: UAE won in Aden, Saudi silent over ‘slaughter’

The interior minister of Yemen’s internationally recognised government has said the United Arab Emirates won in the southern port city of Aden, a day after UAE-backed southern separatists took control of all government military camps and the presidential palace.
Ahmed al-Mayssari said in a recent video that hundreds of UAE vehicles have landed in Aden.
He also blamed the Yemeni government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and ally Saudi Arabia for remaining “silent” about the developments that had unravelled in Aden over the past few days.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed al Attab reports from Sanaa.

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  1. What happened in Syria is happening in Yemen. Enemies of Yemeni People failed now they are trying to get some more credit by killing each other. Both UAE and SA are trying to negotiate with Iran and they know that they have no other option than pulling out from Yemen… Losers' Game!

  2. 0:07 what is this guy saying ?
    He seems to be accusing the Saudi of cowardice ?
    LOL nobody will believe that : the Saudi is the bravest warrior in the world.
    Haven't you seen the old duffers doing the sword-dance.
    With their soft hands , wet-lips and fat-bellies they are more than a match
    for their slaves , to whom they like to give a good beating.

  3. The royal families in Saudi arabia and UAE already digged their on graves by this war…. The kingdom of saudis and UAE will be destroyed in less than a year….
    Killing millions of Yemeni infants, kids & women either by bombs or by hunger will hunt their kingdoms down

  4. I am Very disappointed with the Middle East and rest of the powerful nation plus United Nations too! What hack is they doing and waiting for more lost of lives wow 😮 that’s why I keep saying there’s no god and humanity.

  5. The people of aden have been fighting for independence ever since the unification of the South and North. Everything this guy is saying is a lie the change is coming from the people of South Yemen and not any foreign gov.

  6. Iran should forget Israel and must to strike Saudi Arabia first because once this evil kingdom is subdued, its defeat will give ease to Iran from perspective of further geographical depth as well as economic and political gains.

  7. This move will only energize and bolster the Houthis,their common enemy.They should prioritise stamping out Iranian influence first and then sectarian disputes later.


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