Zizek: Electing Trump will ‘shake up’ the system – UpFront

Zizek: Electing Trump will ‘shake up’ the system – UpFront

“Only some kind of a shakeup can save us,” says cultural critic and philosopher Slavoj Zizek.


  1. I was surprised to see in the comments that all the downvotes were actually not the reaction towards what Zizek is really saying here. Because his position is exactly the type of ridiculous intellectual consequence you'd expect from that old "jump start everything, reset the system"-thinking. Trump winning is just a phase of "shock therapy" to Zizek. Well it seems that so is cancer. So long as you survive. At a certain point, especially when it seems to kill you and not make you stronger we must abandon that "keep doing what you do until it helps" mentality. This isn't shock therapy, this is electrocution. What has happened should be the exact extreme case counterexample you'd need to refute this way of thinking, but instead, like a good communist, falsification seems not an option and instead he doubles down and "goes to the end" as according to his idiosyncrasy. (What other characters through history do we know who follow that pattern, huh?) The don't feed the poor, you just extend their suffering, don't let people recycle or aleviate environmental harm, because it perpetuates the system causing it (and so on and so on). What's he gonna endorse next, great floods or world wars? The world better start feeling better soon, man

  2. Honestly, internet people need to stop complaining about those who interrupt zizek. He's precisely at his best when given interaction, forced to actually respond to the thoughts of another person. If not, he climbs into his tower, where he can speak alone and ramble about thousand of examples and related topics, eventually leading to misunderstandings and no explored points on his theory. You can always pick a book from him. Conversations are for actual interaction.

  3. Like a pebble trying to flirt with Sisyphus, this presenter has no idea. So many faux pas are made. It's obvious that he hasn't even read one of Žižek's books, or knows anything beyond 'Google intellect'. As a philosopher, Žižek comments on continua, not just what is being cooked in the present. The interviewer's stumbles are at least amusing, like a conservative paperboy unable to flick beyond the marbles in his own bag.

  4. Al Jazeera should have selected one host that should be more read-up in Zizek's views and writings. This guy is politically influenced and does not understand Zizek's thesis and lines of thought

  5. Zizek comes across as incoherent and as stupid as Trump. Zizek like Trump cannot think which is why Zizek and Trump are so dangerous because they are so thick and stupid yet this is the real reason why both Zizek and Trump are so popular.

  6. Democrats are too comfortable and their politics basically aim for the same goals as republicans; they want to gouge money in a quick grab from a single section of the country. Democrats can't rob the wealthy in the same way that republicans can't rob the poor. There's no functionality in politics today, it's basically like two kids fighting over a toy; one has it until the other takes it, in an endless tantrum.

  7. I actually dont even support Zizek, but this interviewer was just terrible. Consistent badgering and putting words in his mouth. Strawman after strawman. "So you want millions to suffer?" "So you want people to lose healthcare?" Um, we are two years into the Trump presidency and did any of that hysteria happen?

  8. Why would anyone take pride in calling themselves a “Maoist?” Mao Zedong didn’t care about the life of his citizens: they didn’t matter to him. Mao Zedong even once sad, “We have so many people. We can afford to lose a few. What difference does it make?” He even quantified “a few” on one occasion as 300 million, half of the country’s population at the time.

  9. Mehdi Hasan sounds the most privileged out of the two. You want to talk about the 20 million people losing their healthcare thanks to Trump, let's talk about the millions killed by wars, by the status quo.

    If the status quo seems comfortable to you, are you not the privileged one?

  10. Thats how journalists should challenge armchair philosophers. By the way both guys proved right. Trumps grotesque actions have spurred the Left a great deal.

  11. CLASSIC!! ……beginning @4:50 &ending w/Zizeks saying "No, no.." (dismissive hand motion) "You don't get it."
    ~ Pretty much sums up what has now become the ENTIRE PROCESS of "civil discourse today!! While I previously had a…let's say…"totally different" opinion about Mehdi, he now appears argumentative & "agenda driven" to me. It deeply saddens me!! Had no idea he was such a shallow-thinker & such a hater of Trump and also, quite possibly, Americans too!! Is this what we should now expect from ALL Brits??

  12. seems like mehdi is neoliberal apologizing here

    somewhat of a fundamental misunderstanding of the state of american politics at least a very surface view of the situation.

  13. I think I understand Zizek somewhat…. Democrats are more deceptive when it comes to foreign policy and they appear to be "liberal" but are just a Republician lite party and Republicans allowed the grassroots person to represent them while Democrats kill off the grassroots, it's like it "dam good" sorta like Bernie or bust!

  14. the gentleman that is talkin I agree with his philosophy wholeheartedly Donald Trump has opened the door for the radical left to enter the mainstream and we have AOC as a byproduct of Donald Trump


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